Natural Hygiene and hair removal like brazilian wax

Natural hygiene is a purely scientific approach or concept for understanding the phenomena known as health and illness and understanding health laws. It appears that this approach can treat all types of health problems and internal diseases, from influenza to cancer, relying on the only natural cleansing and healing power embedded in the human body. For most of us, who have become accustomed to the fact that immediately with the onset of a health problem, not to mention chronic or chronic disease, use medicine, injection, potion, ointment, pill, herbal medicine, external treatment to “heal” Without any outside help. So do you want to have qzz in your life? For outside help we also mean without the help of people who call themselves doctors or therapists of all kinds. I emphasize to all of my patients personally that there is no healing ability of someone else, yet I have led many to recover from diseases that medicine can not heal, only by instructing the patient how to use the healing powers of his body.

Of course, the conditions for recovery and recovery are the use of all vital life materials that we do not attribute to healing properties, in the common sense of the word in public. Therefore, the natural hygiene approach refers to all essential living materials and their proper use: water, proper food, oxygen, sun, rest, activity, sleep, movement, optimal temperature, internal cleanliness of body cells, use of detergents, Social life and family and many other components. Natural hygiene shows that proper, accurate and optimal use of all essential nutrients in the human body will lead to perfect and permanent health, as well as recovery from very difficult conditions. Satisfying the physical needs in a perfect manner like having a brazilian wax every for weeks, while maintaining the health laws, will lead in most cases to recovery from any problem and maintain good health.

“Natural hygiene” is a complete, comprehensive and holistic health approach that guides us on how to prevent health problems in the first place and how to fully and completely recover from them when they already exist without drugs (and to reduce them until they are completely discontinued), herbs, homeopathic potions, Food and other external means. The approach of “natural hygiene” is characterized by absolute logic because it conforms to and is based on the laws of nature. Therefore, it almost completely eliminates the use of treatments that suppress the symptoms of the disease and do not treat its root without being able to cause real, definitive and definitive healing, as we see in almost all types of treatment. In many breast cancer patients, for example, the disease returns and erupts within a few years. The phenomenon is well known and I have seen it in many women. The next stage of the untreated disease is the spread of cancer to the bones. Further treatment of the symptom in this condition will lead to death in the medium or longer term. Thousands of women die for nothing because they do not treat the disease / problem in the first place.

This phenomenon is repeated in other diseases as well. People believe that the very disappearance or weakening of the symptoms of the disease for a certain time is proof that the treatment was good. Unfortunately, this is an illusion that provides for many therapists and doctors.

Health science called natural hygiene is the oldest in the world because at the moment of creation of the first living cell were also determined all the laws and principles according to which the body manages its affairs and also defined all the exact needs of the living body. Unfortunately, and surprisingly, the public is not exactly aware of the “instructions”, the laws and principles and needs of the body is subject to because they are not taught in the education system at all stages. Instead, the public makes inaccurate, unnecessary, overturned, truthful information in most cases that not only contributes to the understanding of factors that promote health but also directly undermines it. Most of the nutritional advice is based on incomplete theories and causes the public to adhere to habits and actions that are contrary to the body’s direct health interests. In this situation, a consistent disregard for the exact needs of the body leads sooner or later to the deterioration of our physical condition to the point of physical irregularities and even serious illnesses. The clear proof of this conception of the causes of internal diseases is that when patients come to me and all the doctors of natural hygiene there are amazing and sometimes rapid changes in their health to the point of recovery and cessation of all medications (unfortunately what doctors do not like). Is it a coincidence – is this really a “spontaneous” recovery, as doctors see when they see such recovery – and why does not a “spontaneous” recovery occur under drug treatment, to the point of stopping the need for drugs, but the reverse?

Understanding the principles of natural hygiene will provide us with solid foundations for understanding the phenomena called illness and health and free us from humanity’s great fear of “uncontrollable diseases.” The public gets the message that health is a matter of luck far more than a matter of self-control, that the causes of disease are not known, and that diseases “assault” the person “without injustice” and without any real ability to do anything about it.